Brown Shoes With a Black Suit or Trousers

We do not want you to read the whole article at first and then come to the point, instead, we would put the details right away for you. It is easy, that the answer is yes as you can wear those brown shoes with black but there are certain ways of wearing them with any type of black suits, those jeans and even the chinos or trousers. Some of the specific points are mentioned below. 

  • If observed, you would see that the brown shoes do make a difference when worn with those black suits. 
  • There is a certain type of brown shoes that look the best with the black jeans. 
  • Similarly like the jeans, you would need to be considerate about the shoe type you would wear with those chinos. 

Brown Shoes & a Black Suit 


Most of the men go for those black shoes with the black suits because they feel like it is a safer bet to wear the black suits with them and tend to avoid wearing the brown shoes with them. If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment, then try to buy those brown oxfords and brogues and even loafers and wear them with your black suit. You would want to go for the darkest shades of brown while wearing them with the black suits because those tan shoes would not suit at all. If the shoes are lighter in shades, it would be recommended to wear those black shoes then. When the things on the top would be completely monochromatic, then those colours and different shades would not work at all. Try that your belt goes with your shoes or do not wear that as well. 

Brown Shoes & Black Jeans 

Nothing can beat the combination of those brown shoes paired with black jeans. But those are not shoes but boots. These boots could include those Chelsea boots, the hiking boots and even the dressing boots which would look quite nice with the black jeans. You do not need to panic if you do not have one of any of these boots. You can go for those lace-up oxfords, the brogues and loafers however the denim would require lighter shades of brown with it though. 

Brown Shoes & Black Trousers/Chinos 

This is the last one as when you are wearing those black trousers or chinos, you have much more freedom to wear any style of shoes having any shade of brown with it. But still, the recommendable shoe styles would be loafers, oxfords and those monk straps as well. The brown leather sneakers might turn out to be good too. You need to consider the length of your trousers is not much longer because it would look pretty weird and would not suit much. You should not wear socks while wearing loafers as the length of the trousers should be on the shorter side. Add on that black blazer, a leather jacket, or even those well-ironed shorts or t-shirts to complete your outfit look. But lastly, make sure you invest well while buying loafers because it would not turn out to be bad at all. 

Now that you have an idea about how to wear brown shoes with the black suits, jeans and trousers or chinos it would be better to still look for more inspiration that you might end up liking.