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BOJONISHOP handles hundreds of thousands of orders from different countries all over the world each day. Therefore it may be the case that issues occassionaly arise, i.e. issues with national postal services, international customs issues etc. If you would like to raise an issue  please send us an e-mail with a detailed description of the issue, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For any issues concerning orders, logistics or payment, please email – 

Contact email address:


If you would like to contact us regarding any technical issues or security vulnerabilities on, then please click on the below link for more information. We take security concerns very seriously, and will get back in touch with you ASAP.

To report technical issues, please email –

To report security vulnerabilities, please email – 


If you want to track your order, you can write to us to support email and ask your order tracking number for your order number thats look like "Order #1381".

After that, you can use the site with this tracking number. If you are having difficulty obtaining tracking information or with the use of a site to track - write to us at support. Usually it's shown within 3 days after shipping.

Be careful, because the tracking information is only given by mail, if the order came from your email address. Also, the tracking code will be available online after 1-3 days after ordering. We try to send all orders as quickly as possible, but almost does not always work as we would like. We try to do the maximum convenient service to our customers.